Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Holy institution of motherhood

writes Malik Sameed
I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life-Abraham Lincoln
The relationship is that thing, which is heart to heart connection, it is build from heart. Relationship has different types like love, family, and friend relationship, and these relationships mean a lot in life. Out of these relations the relationship with mother occupies the highest value in life of every human being. A mother is a woman who has raised a child given a birth. She is the one who gives us birth and bear the pain nine months all of because his child. She is the one who kept his children away from all problems, and make his children comfortable in society. When the child starts talking, the first word from his mouth is mummy, “why his first word is mummy”? The answer is simple that is because mother is embodiment of sacrifice, love, care and service, and gives her child lot of love and affection. She is selfless and dedicated. When a child toilets during night, mother is the one who prefers sleeping on the wet portion and keeps her child safe by replacing the place with her child. Mother is the one who never sleep when his child is ill and spends too much nights without sleeping.
The mother has different roles – she is a wife, she can be an employee. The life of mother is very difficult to live as every human has a right given by the Allah to live their life with happiness. But the mother has no time for herself, and she always thinks about his family and tries to make them happy in every step of life. She gives sympathy, love and fulfills dreams of their children’s.
In this fast running generation of current world the modern style and fake trends have takes place. As a result, the respect of mother is very down, a behavior of children is not good towards their mother. Almost 70% of children’s behavior is bad, they treat mother as enemy, but the mother bear all that things and always prays for his children’s welfare and success and everyone knows that mother is the one whose prayer is complete and Allah never neglect prayer of mother, she is the one who fulfill the needs like money, clothes and other many things that are useful for a child. A mother reduces her daily needs because of his child. As the old Kashmiri described mother as “mouj ros ghr se mush kus poshishs mouji mouji hey mouji”. These lines mean that without mother in the home, the home is empty and without happiness and without any enjoyment. We can’t share our problem with father like we can’t tell our father directly many a things , it is the mother who listens to us and motivates her husband to fulfill those for you. And never see you sad.
But after the marriage, maximum number of persons forget love and sacrifices of their mother, forgets even those nights when a child was ill and she stayed without sleeping full night because of you. Even that a son nowadays leaves the home because of his wife and spend his life away from the home. And the result of these actions is disastrous because in every religion it is described that who breaks mother’s heart can never succeeded in his or her life.
My Mother is everything for me and I never break heart of my mom

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