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writes Malik Sameed
The Allah has shaped different categories of homo sapiens all over the world and formed different places where homo sapiens can breathe. Every populace have their own culture and they have their own life style like way of talking, walking, discipline, dressing, food and languages etc. Many of them are famed for their culture, one of them is Kashmiri culture, and it is well know culture throughout world. Many holidaymakers come from distinct areas of flora and fauna to Kashmir for enjoyment and solace because Kashmir is well known for its unpretentious beauty and culture and well known as paradise on the earth. Scores of sundry holidaymakers have a singled out to build a living wage in Kashmir because the Kashmiri culture entices them.
Pertinently, Kashmiri culture is well known as central Asian culture. It is famed for its speech that is (Koshur). This speech is only used in Kashmir, and it can spoken only by Kashmiri of any religion. The dance is the eminent in Kashmir valley mostly the Dumbalie is acted by Kashmiri men and Rauf by Kashmiri women’s and folk dance is another traditional dance of Kashmir. The dressing is inimitable of men’s and women’s in kashmir when they act they wear (FARAN) and (DUSTAR). The (FAIRAN) is the dress and is recycled in winters because of the freezing. It is elongated dress and blinkers the whole body and to guard the body. The Kashmiri women’s chiefly wear a designed (Fairan), these are designed with hand by lovely fine art. When tourists visit this valley, they scuff Kashmiri jewelry and costume to take photographs. The soothing Kashmiri music, (Sufiana) is the famed music in Kashmir and spectators go bottomless in sufiana music and they enjoy it wholly. The musician use some typical Kashmiri Musical instruments like rabab, baja, tumbakhnari etc.
Kashmir is chock-full of beautiful cultures. Kashmiris are considered the best hosts all over the world. As in rural areas they venerate all human being alike, always offer them for brew and nourishment either they know them or not and always aiming to make a brotherhood and cheerfulness all here with everyone. When the tourists realize the hospitality of Kashmiri they prefer to come again and again which is delightful for Kashmir and Kashmiri peoples.
On the other hand, the dishes in Kashmir are famous all over the world, and Kashmiri wazwan is representative of it. Wazwan is mostly grilled when the marriage ceremony or other ceremonies are celebrated. Kashmiri Wazwan contain RISTA, GUSHTAB, KABAB, SHAMI KABAB, CHICKEN, MEAT ETC. These are all non- vegetables nourishments and full of taste. When the tourists chomp those dishes their remark is usually (WAH WAH KYA MAHZA). This indicates they like Kashmiri wazwan and want more and more. Collard greens (hak) is famous vegetable dish of Kashmiri, it is simply a green dish and cooked usually in homes and is good for health.
The nun chai (Salt Tea) is integral part of breakfast of Kashmiri and is the main identity of culture of Kashmiri. The Kashmiris drink it in the morning and in evening, it contains salt, milk and dry leaves. It is just full of taste. The another tea is Kashur Khwah, and it is formed lacking of milk and, it contains ingredients which support to make it tasteful like dry fruits, KESAR, sugar ETC.
Kashmir is well known for its diverse climatic seasons, few months are very chilly and also for enjoyment that’s WINTER months. The KANGRI, life of Kashmiri in winters, it provides heat all time . Kashmiris design it with their own hands with a fine art and use sticks and mud pot for making it, carry it everywhere they want to go as it is light in weight.
Dal Lake is the one of the most beautiful and picturesque lakes in India. It is surrounded with mountains and houseboats cruising along the lake in the colorful Shikaras. The Shikaras is another culture and is used for multiple purposes, including transportation. The driver use oars to run the shikara having spade-shaped bottom row. Half a dozen peoples, with the driver seats are present in shikara. It is made up of wood and is type of wooden ship.
The Kashmiri culture always entices the natives & tourists, and considered to be the pride and dignity of nation……

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