Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hostel life

writes Malik Sameed
Life is a precious gift given by God and the style of life like how to live better life, how to make different thing in life is all about a human. The human has to decide that what will I do in future and what is better place where I can study without any disturbance of anyone and he leaves his home with the intention of excelling in the studies and just parts away from his family and friends with hope that he can make his life comfortable in the society with lot of dreams in his mind. He wants a place where he can fulfill his dreams and can achieve a goal that he wants to achieve. Finally he decides to take a hostel where he thinks that I can achieve my goal.
When he enters in the hostel, new place, new environment and sees different things around, don’t know how to adjust in this atmosphere and how to make a new friends that can help him in studies and many things and then mess tension like how is food there but finally he adopt these things with that hope that he will catch his dreams very well. Hostel life is better for those whom have come to study because hostel is place where life comes into the tract and things get streamlined.
After sometime he realize that life in a hostel is very different from that of the home like he thinks hostel life is independence like you may sleep whenever you want, You may get up late in the morning but none will question you and due to that reason many students do not like to go home, even in long vacations because they like hostel life. The students first think that hostel is better atmosphere to study. If student enjoy hostel life in different ways, they also work hard when the time comes for it. But at other hand the poor quality of the food of the hostel damages the health of a student as he first expected that this food is good as home but unfortunately due to poor quality of food many students leave hostel and stay outside in flat and prefer to cook themselves because when health is good everything will be good.
On the other hand, many parents are agreeing to send their wards to hostel for study, but many wards waste their time in enjoyment and merry making. They waste their precious time and waste their parent’s money and spoil their life like they start getting addicted to bad habits like the smoking, gamble and at times even drink and mostly they visit cinemas and become a routine.
Finally the outcome of all these bad activities is that result of their wards is zero and even that they can’t recover themselves and continue to get entrapped in bad developments.
That is the some facts of a hostel life and enjoyable stage of a life where a student can do everything what he wants to do but on limited basis without breaking the rules of a hostel because the rules of a hostel is just like army rules and if someone breaks these rules he will be punished.

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