Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Life of prisoner

Malik Sameed

Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated–Nelson Mandela
All comers has right to live their life with happy moments. Most has fantasized to make comfortable set down where they breathe happy life. Sundry of them can’t make because of unemployment and poverty but can make at their echelon. Everyone wants to free, no limitations, not any barrier but some are those which have no freedom, they can’t live their life with their rights and choice, those are prisoners. They are alive in world and takes place but regrettably they are always in one room called cell room and without light, bed, and a trivial window where they perceive when sun rises and sunsets. They work almost 7 hours in a day and allowed once a day to go washroom and for other purpose. They are not allowed to go outside without permission of concern officer. The rules and regulation are very stern even they will punish if they don’t work as they expected.
The common man can never stay on one place throughout day. Everyone prefers to race with time and wants more and more. No doubt that prisoner has done sin but we should not hate prisoner, we should hate sin. The question is that why they do sin, what the reason is behind. My opinion is that some prisoners commit sin under the influence of circumstances, but others commit a crime. Without God nobody has supremacy to scan human. Far away from home, the time they spend inside jail, influence their mind and force them to think that because of their acts and deeds, not only their life gets affected but it engulf everyone single person associated with him; be their kith and kins.
The cell room is surrounding with black walls made up of metal, cot a sink and a toilet very low space. They give them one blanket and pillow and most important they give them Quran, Bible or Geeta as per the religion. Most of them become good person and some become bad. I remember when a person from Srinagar got released after 2 years from jail, he was totally changed. First he was doing bad things like to hurt everyone, breaks the rules and law of government. Simply he was rude and useless guy for everyone even also for his family. Then after when he comes out from jail I was surprised that he had reformed and became religious person and offer five times nimaz and recite Quran. In a sense, his behavior was totally different and full of positives as respected elders, loved young ones . When I enquired with him his answer was so sweet as he stated before going to jail he was not respecting anyone and was living my life without any tension, with nice food and nice sleeping bed and in jail he had struggled lot and witnessed different problems like food and everyday hard work all over, he stated that he was not allowed to go outside because he didn’t have the requisite permission and he was happy because he thought he had achieved reformation and liked to pray and read Quran sharief, now his family is happy for him, his friends even everyone and now feel proud and he feels the world is full of writhe and we have leave everything here except our prayers. Everything else had to be earned by good behavior.
One can only infer that Don’t hate prisoner but hate crime because prisoner is also our brother or sister and stop them to do crime, to become prisoner because the life is given by the Allah is precious gift for us and we have to use it in good way all the time. This article is all I write is all about that we should prepare for struggles too because life presents its own challenges

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