Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kashmiri-Outside Kashmir

writes Malik Sameed
What is success? I think it is a mixture of having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that it is not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose.” -Margaret Thatcher
The humans always prefer to go safe place where they can live their better and joyfullife. The place where they can formulate themselves educated or where they get good salary to run their family. Urban areas have much better facilities than rural areas like roads, hospitals, education and most important exposure and job facility. Parents prefer to send their wards outside for better studies, for their stick in old age and invest money on them only for their future. The journey of modern student is very interesting in some circumstances like all the facilities available in every step of his journey as compared to aged ones.
As far the Kashmir is concern many students prefer to study outside the Kashmir because of exposure and some circumstances. Students prefer to go to different states of India for better infrastructure and placement. While they venture out of their homes, to fulfill dreams, they face hurdles in every step of their carrier. India is a country that contains 86% of Hindus and 13% of Muslims only, so the valuable thing in their life is nimaz but unfortunately those students can’t prepare themselves for nimaz and reason is their college and hostel. As I have personal seen that when the students were ready to offer a nimaz on Friday and firstly they have to make a gate pass, then signature of director or principal takes lot of time while questioning of their jury’s members like why are you going for prayer?Is it compulsory or sometimes they tell classes are important than nimaz. So we can imagine that how much those students tolerate against their religion. As the students want to get more percentage but unfortunately due to their internal marks their percentage comes very down and can’t make their future at low percentage.
As the incident of Kamran Mudasir, a Kashmiri student of PhD killed in Hyderabad shows that Kashmiri is not safe outside the Kashmir, due to this incident the parents have call back their wards towards home and they spoil their future only for their life. A well know friend of mine Imran student of Punjab technical university told that every second person of his college treat him as a terrorist because he is a Kashmiri. They treat every Muslim of Kashmir as a Terrorist and due to that Imran got low marks in internal exams as compared to other boys, due to biased treatment towards Kashmiri Student.
Everyone has right to live their life with happiness and without any tension than why Kashmiri are not safe outside the Kashmir?That is the point of prestige and government should take action on this.
Another incident of dehradun where 16 students were beaten by shiv-sena and then these students were detained in their college is a standing example of injustice against the Kashmiri students and also we can realize that they are not safe. All I end is that it is high time for the government to act over such issues.
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