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I don’t know when. I don’t know where. But something bad is going to happen.” And everyone else is saying, “Wait a minute, are you working with Miss Cleo or something? What is this, the Central Intuitive Agency?” . . . And you have Bush, hearing about all the fighting over Kashmir, and saying, “What? It’s just a sweater!
Robin Williams
Malik Sameed
Kashmir is well known as jannat- firdous on account of its natural beauty. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and superb Dal Lake is another weapon of Kashmir which attracts tourists all over the world. Tourists from different areas come to Kashmir to fulfill their dreams and forget sad moments of life. From one side of Kashmir it is shinning in every given day as in beauty but on other edge Kashmir is going back day by day. The shine is going very dim in all circumstances and is going backward due to some useless changes in system. The life of commoner is getting tough and a number of hurdles in every step of life and can’t adjust themselves in their own hometown and prefer to make his living place outside the Kashmir because of lack of facilities.

The leader is main person of state who can make his judiciary better than other states but regrettably in our part of the world they make money for their own pocket and that thing effects lot to present generation of humans and ruin their future due to leaders. Related to this we also find that the Kashmir has become the dispute for India and Pakistan due to that reason the development is not going well as it can be, out of this only the kashmiri is facing lot of hurdles and lost precious lives and property.
From last so many decades on account of lingering conflict, Kashmir has lost many lives, many children’s has became orphanage, many women have become widows and many parents have lost their wards or we can say stick for their old age, who is responsible for it, the question is haunting our mind and some out of us give their words about the issue and some blames one person and some other. As we see in all communities they have cooperation with each other and that is the reason they were successful in every field, and as if take Kashmir into consideration they don’t have any kind of cooperation with one another. The people come into the streets to protest for their right but regrettably they enjoy it and start throwing stones and they are met with brute force as they shoot with bullets and then we lose our brothers, may be from those brothers they can be future for Kashmir.
As all knows that the Kashmir has lot of talent in all circumstances but they don’t get a chance to express their talent and finally they use their talent for other state. From the other hand a student’s prefer to study outside from their hometown because of many reasons like bad situation and exposure which is not present in Kashmir. Why our Kashmir is not forward than other states? The answer is simple our Kashmir has become issue for india and Pakistan and they both want Kashmir and result of their conflict become target of youths of Kashmir.

This article is written by bureau chief Chandigarh
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