Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Life in a Village

writes Malik Sameed
The life is a gift from Allah and there are different places on this earth where human can live his happy life without any disturbance of any one like in cities, towns, villages. Many people prefer to live in cities because almost all the facilities for humans are present there. The people who are living in urban areas have different thinking as compared to villagers, they are same but have different living style. The villagers have different kind of living style, everybody share their feelings either its happiness or sadness and most important thing is that they are pure hearted and never race with the time, live their life with simplicity without any greediness. Standing in every odd and even time makes them a symbol of unity and brotherhood.
Village Livelihood mostly depends of agriculture. Villages are most famous for agriculture and almost all the cultivation of our living needs like rice, wheat, vegetables is cultivated in villages. It is villagers who feed various towns and cities with the necessities of life. As we can say that village is a collection of small huts made of Mud bricks and hays, in the midst of fields on which the farmers work. The villagers are mostly farmers who reap the money from hard work on their fields. They work all over the year to make their money. As the well know famous poet ‘cowper’ says that “God made the country and manmade the town and village”.
When the villagers wake early in the morning, they listen sweet songs of birds, the villagers enjoy beauty of the rising sun and the sweet breeze of the greenery of fields around them. The villagers are healthy as compared to citizens because in villages there is fresh air, no smoke and without the noise of factories. The benefit for the villagers is like they have their own milk producers that is their pet animals like cow, buffalo. From these animals they get pure milk and ghee which keeps villagers healthy and well toned up, as such they can work very fast and quick without getting tired.
Unlike urban areas where we have electoral form of government; villages is comprised of a “Village Panchayat”. The Panchayat is headed by a Person who is mostly an Elder member of that Village known as Sarpanch. The Sarpanch is empowered to take the decision and forward the village’s problem to the government. The Sarpanch is a respectful person and the peoples are those who make Sarpanch with their votes. The Sarpanch being the head of the panchayat always gives the decision in the favour of truth, and the given decision is the final decision and every villager accepts it.
Villages represent the archetypal scenery of the “Illyria” the land of heart desire. The village is a place where we can live our life with happiness and prosperity. The most important thing in villages is that if anyone has any problem, he is always assisted by every villager who comes to help him in every type of problem. With lot of love in their hearts and the character to keep everyone happy and to treat guests as their own family members; villagers are well known for hospitality.
Most of the peoples leave their village and prefer to migrate in cities for their children’s because cities has well known schools and colleges but they don’t know that if a student has to gain something he can gain in a footpath but the parent are mostly not agreed for that and then the mostly the result is not good. As we can see in our daily life that most of the village school students 

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