Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Music: Haram in Islam

Writes Malik Sameed
“Music sows hypocrisy in the heart like water causes seeds to grow in the soil.”
(The Blesses prophet S. A. W)
The revere of religions in all hominids is very elevated. The lord has divided populace in different religions like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikh etc. The revere for all religion is same in my eyes. The lord has made different rubric in religions and if someone breaches those he will be chastised in judgment day. Everyone has respect towards their religion and knows the chastisement of transgression but regrettably maximum continue iniquity even they know that it is against our religion. From those religions Islam is one of the leading Muslim populations all over the world. The laws are very strict in Islam like for women, they have to cover their whole body and only eyes are permitted to open even not allowed to see other man except his husband. As per Islam men has to cover his head with different head covers all the time except night. The duty as we can say Faraz of Muslim is Nimaz, the Muslim has to adoration five times a day to Allah.
The music is one of the sins in Islam and is fully against the music, declared as forbidden or Haram. The duff one side dram is only allowed in Islam but regrettably maximum Muslims know that we are going against the Allah but they continue to listening and playing music without the fear of Allah. Music has dramatic impact on almost every Muslims. In today’s generation it becomes the major driving force of Muslims and thinks it gives much needed enthusiasm and refocuses ideas on every field of life. The music is become living part of Muslim even they cannot leave it for a minute. As the invention of mobile phone the music is become traditional culture of maximum Muslims. Where they will go the music is with them like if they will travel from one place to another the new system earphone are always in their ears to continue to listen music all the journey even I have seen different people listen music when they are in bathroom. So we can imagine that how much we are in water about religion. The Allah has given everything to us to live better life and the message of Allah is only that follow Quran sharief we will be successes in world and also in final exam of human.
As the quran says “And of the people there is he who buys a ‘vain talk’ so that he may lead others astray from the path of Allah without (real) knowledge & takes it (the revelation of Allah) for a mockery; for these shall be a disgracing chastisement (punishment).
As far as the Muslim community is concerned the western culture is adopted by people and every corner of world is dominated by music. The newly music bands are established in every place of Muslim countries, without music the marriage has became incomplete in sense of many attendants of marriage ceremony, and spend more and more money for useless music and entertainment all because of their relatives and friends but regrettably they forget the message of Allah and continue to perform sin for the sake of happiness and amusement .Music has spread to such an extent that it is affecting every Muslim in this modern era .No matter which direction we go, we are blasted with music which is prevalent in our society posses a tremendous danger for Muslims. Every Muslim is fully aware of the fact that music is haram in ISLAM. The music is now become the money making work, almost in every corner of Muslim community has their music bands and make money.
The music is tool of shaytaan (satan), according the law of Islam one who participates in music is regarded as a fasiq (sinful person).it attracts people to commit wrongful acts. One of harms of music is that it distracts one from his creator.
The message is simple forget music and think about your judgment and one day we all have to leave this journey of life.

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