Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Menace of facebook in Kashmir

writes Malik Sameed
Facebook is the most used social networking website in the world. The founder of the Facebook is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and is born in 14 may 1984. He is an American computer programmer and launched Facebook in February 2004 in his dormitory room. The motive of Facebook is to connect the people from one edge of world to other like to know the culture, language, living style etc. But regrettably some users use Facebook with other philosophy, the manner it is used even religions conflicts will be created. Mostly Those pages are created which are completely against the law and making a joke of holy religions. Nobody can bear them as they are against their respective religions and use bad words. These dirty pages are created by some unknown miscreant and then we comment on these pages and use bad words but we don’t know that if we comment on this it will share on our profile and everybody can see this.
In world, virtually more than 750 million active users 50% users log on to Facebook in every given day and spends more than 700 billion minute per months on facebook. As far as Kashmir is concerned the impact of facebook on youth is very destructive. These sites, designed to increase ease of information sharing online and help keep persons connected in ways previously impossible, have become an almost indispensable piece of most kashmiri students’ lives. The users spend more time on facebook and can’t concentrate on their studies. As the parents think our wards are collecting information from facebook but their concept is erroneous. Virtually 70% of users in Kashmir use facebook for useless chatting and wastes their precious time. They make friends from other country but not to know the culture but to impress the girls. Mostly if the girl is ugly and not that type which are standard for a boy to marriage, they have many requests as compare to handsome boys because the youth of our generation refer to chat with those girls whom are stimulating and endearing to chat with them and the chat is simple like WHAT IS UR HOBBY, CAN U BE MY FRIEND and she says ok sure and then after a boy gets chance, after some chat he directly states her that WILL U BE MY life partner. Those words are true and I have seen what the today’s youth do to impress, do different tricks to get a girl and start flirting, exchange their numbers and spent more time on phone, forget their books and aim of his life.
Facebook has many merits like to promote business with the help of page and to know the culture of other peoples like way of talking, language, food etc. But the current generation didn’t take advantages of facebook and they are busy with their style of facebook. We have seen that if the mother was calling his ward for food and he or she was busy in using facebook, they shout on his or her mother. No religion has taught us that we are allowed to shout on our mother. The value of a mother in the sense of today’s youth is very fluff. They don’t give respect as they have to give. Facebook is good for Kashmiri youth but way of using the facebook is not good.
As many of our youth is using facebook when they are in classroom, the teacher was teaching and they were busy in facebook that means wastage of money, time, and the result at end is zilch and after that they cannot recover themselves, continuing the misappropriation of facebook. The hopes of parents are very high on their wards but regrettable their wards don’t execute their hopes due to wastage of precious time on facebook . The impact of facebook on Kashmiri youth is very destructive as compared to youth of other state or country.

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